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Passion For Wellbeing

SPA SENSES reflects my willingness to create genuine sensorial experiences through relaxing music, room decoration, essential oils, and especially the warmth and energy of the palms, prepared for a pampering and comforting massage. One of the strongest memories from the time spent in Thailand is the gesture of the respectful “thank you”, with the hands in front of the heart and the reverence that conveys warmth, dedication and pure gratitude. I strongly believe in the healing effect of palms with that kind of warmth, energy and human touch, irreplaceable by any high-tech device.

The SPA SENSES rituals have my personal touch that combines the 12-year experience in therapies with the passion for healing, while bringing energy and joy into your lives. Annually, my trainings in Asia represent a new opportunity to learn from the best masters in the world, to enhance my knowledge and expand my horizons. Once I return home and offer my customers the best in class services, my healing message to the world becomes real and 100% authentic.

  • Kinetotherapy University: 2000-2004
  • Master in Kinethology and Biomechanics (2006)
  • Lymph drainage course with Guy Dumont
  • Aromotherapy and Beauty Veda massage with Catherina Bono
  • Japanese massage Yumeiho
  • Volcanic stones massage – Steiner Academy, London
  • Thai Foot Massage- TMC School,( Chiang Mai Thailand, 2010)
  • Thai Massage- Pichest Boonthumme Master( Huang Dong Thailand, 2011)
  • Chi Nei Tsang – Mantak Chia (Tao Garden,Thailand 2012)
  • Dynamic Thai Massage – David Lutt, (Thailand 2013)
  • Herball Ball Massage – Jack Chia Master (Chiang Mai Thailand, 2013)
  • Thai Yoga Massage-Arno L’Hermitte, Kaline Alayna, Itzhak Helman,Todd Smith (Laos, 2014)


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